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  • What is Tai Chi?

    What is Tai Chi?

    Introduction to Tai Chi Tai Chi, a martial art form with roots deep in ancient China, is a practice steeped in a rich history and provides numerous health benefits. Widely known for its ability to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and improve overall health, Tai Chi has gained worldwide popularity. This martial art form integrates slow,…

  • An introduction to Chinese Medicine

    An introduction to Chinese Medicine

    So for the spring term through to Easter, there will be a Zoom meeting on Monday nights at 20:00 UT (London time). The course is called An Introduction to Chinese Medicine. It will be of special interest to those of you who wish to go into more depth regarding your Tai Chi training but is…

  • The Way of Occlusion

    The Way of Occlusion

    Qili nong — The Way of Occlusion To many people in the Western world this will have no meaning whatsoever, but this is not very surprising as even the majority of Chinese do not fully appreciate its true and total depth, although some may have heard or read about little parts of it, or may…

  • The Golden Principles of Tai Chi

    The Golden Principles of Tai Chi

    I thought I would put this here because I have come to study this one page in Chee Soo’s Tai Chi book so often over the last couple of years that I have almost memorized it. The reason is, it is such a useful page because it contains these principles which apply to pretty much…

  • 2 years of Lockdown Tai Chi

    2 years of Lockdown Tai Chi

    31st March 2020 was the very first day of Lockdown Tai Chi. The restrictions here in the UK after the very first wave of Covid19 saw us completely shut down by government edict and unable to teach any Tai Chi classes, we had people booked into accommodation and a week’s course booked for Easter. For…