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Adopt a snow leopard

Adopt a snow leopard is the name we have chosen for our scholarship program.

During the lockdown, we operated the site free of charge to everyone because so many people were losing their income and couldn’t pay. The response was overwhelming and we saw people from almost every country all over the world. Despite this offer many people still chose to support the program by offering donations.

Now the pandemic is over we still have students who can’t afford to pay wanting to learn Tai Chi, so in recognition of this we have started a scholarship program. Will you be adopting an actual snow leopard? The answer is no, it’s a metaphorical reference to rare and special people who need sponsorship to nurture their talents, and a reference to the WWF program supporting actual snow leopards in the wild. If you can afford to sponsor a scholarship please choose the adopt a snow leopard scholarship program option so we can continue to teach Tai Chi to people whatever their level of income.

Level Price  
Tai Chi course one week access £9.00 now.
Membership expires after 1 Week.
Tai Chi course monthly Subscriber £32.00 per Month. Select
Adopt a Snow leopard scholarship programme £64.00 per Month. Select
An introduction to Chinese Medicine monthly subscription £16.00 per Month. Select
TCAA annual membership £50.00 per Year. Select
TCAA termly membership £20.00 every 4 Months. Select