Lockdown Tai Chi

Learn Tai Chi online

Zoom classes

Our Zoom classes are provided by experienced teachers in the Lee style. They are for one hour every day at 19:00 UT (London time) from Monday to Thursday.

The class consists in some warming-up exercises for about twenty minutes. This also includes Tao Yin which is a breathing exercise to activate the internal energy or Qi. The next thing is Qigong, we do Kai Men or open door qigong which opens the energy gates and meridians in preparation for the Tai Chi.

The next twenty minutes section is occupied by Tai Chi dance which is a flowing sequence of stances we do in an upright posture, this helps energy to circulate throughout the entire system. The last twenty-minute section is reserved for the Tai Chi form which is a more meditative exercise that comes in sequences.

Beginners will learn the first ten stances from the dance and three sequences of the form. To finish the class we do the Qi cutoff exercise or the five lotus blossoms breathing exercise.

Once students have learned the beginner’s level they can progress to the next level by asking their teacher to look at their movements and if they are ready teach them the next section of ten moves and more form sequences.

Training with videos

To help with learning the forms we have prepared some 360° panoramic videos. These are helpful because you can view the forms from various angles and see teachers to the left and right and behind you. You can also Zoom in, and slow down the movements and loop the video to suit the length of your practice session. Once you have moved onto a new learning level we will give you access to the next set of videos.

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When you join we will give you access to the Zoom links you need to attend the classes and access to the videos you need to watch to learn the forms.

If you can afford it please consider joining the scholarship support program and adopt a snow leopard.

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