Lockdown Tai Chi

Learn Tai Chi online

We are offering a subscription-based membership, which means you can pay every week for one week’s worth of classes, but the preferred method is to subscribe which means you pay monthly and PaypPal will bill you every month as long as your subscription remains active.

This site is primarily designed for two kinds of users, those who want to learn Tai Chi but don’t have a teacher locally, and secondly those who are already attending our Tai Chi classes and want to supplement their training with our online resources. These resources allow you to keep in contact with qualified teachers and get feedback on your progress with Zoom classes plus you can also use the 360° videos to follow along with the forms from various angles.

The benefit of Zoom is that you have live contact with an actual teacher. This means above all you can get feedback and corrections as you progress with the forms. We currently have Zoom evening classes during the week, with a chat meeting on Friday.

In addition, by using Youtube videos you can train any time you want, for as long as you want, and as often as you like. There are four different viewpoints in each video so you can see a teacher from behind, from in front, and to the right and left. This reproduces the real-life class environment whereby you can change where you stand in effect to see the teacher from a different angle and also look at the people around you. The youtube videos can be sped up or slowed down and zoomed in, and added to a playlist so you can queue them and play one after the other.

We recommend training at least once each day for at least twenty minutes and a maximum of ninety minutes in total. The ideal time to train is during the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset.